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Blue Bridge Sketch

I biked down to the Blue Bridge this morning to draw. It just breaks my heart to think that it could be gone in a few months. Can you believe that the city wants to tear this wonderful heritage structure down and replace it with a wider, more modern, cement slab that opens up like a spaceship.

I will just have to get as many drawings done as I can in the next few months before its gone forever.

To set up the composition for the drawing I climbed up onto the concrete stairwell of the Condo building near the bridge. My bum became numb from the dampness of the concrete. I began to wonder if I was nuts trying to draw the bridge in this weather.

All of a sudden the siren on the bridge blew. Well, that got my heart to flutter as it meant the bridge was about to lift. Something must be coming. Sure enough there was a loud squeak, grind and a churn as the orange and yellow gates folded down to cross the way. As foot traffic came to a halt the train side lifted. More siren blasts, cars halted, and then the car traffic side raised high into the air.

From where I was sitting I couldn’t see anything but the bridge I couldn’t see beyond it to the outer harbour or behind into the gorge or inner harbour. Would it be a puny sailboat with a spindly mass that couldn’t clear the bridge, or a returning fish boat, or a ship in need of repairs heading into the shipyard, or could it just possibly be my most favorite image of all a working Tug.

Anyways, as you can see from the photo’s nothing much happened except the bridge went up and then came back down. It must of been an early morning practice run or something. Oh well, it’s always a joy to watch the bridge go up. For me, catching a passing tug is icing on the cake. I will really miss that bridge once it is gone forever. But for now, I will just focus on drawing it as many times as I can before its gone.


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