Stepping out in Campbell River

I just got home late last night from a damp road trip up to Campbell River.  The dog and I drove up Island in the Red mountain to attend the annual Paint- in at Painters Lodge.   But I found it much too boring so I jumped ship and headed back into town to look for some action.   It didn’t take me long in the rain to find some down on the waterfront. As soon as I hit the wet docks I spotted what I was longing to find.    My knees pooled and  my jaw dropped when I saw them.    They were all sitting there together in the mist taking a break from work.  My heart sped up as there was quite a few of them. They had  rugged names like Yucata, Shaymar, and Fury.  There was so many of them how would I chose between them as I  was smitten with all of them. 

There is something sweet and dangerous about beginning a summer romance.   Summer flings are usually filled with emotion and passion.  Being an artist that is what I thrive upon.  Now the secret is you can’t tell my husband that I am planning on hanging out up Island for the summer with the new guys.   I need him to finance this whole summer fling.   I figure once the summer is over and I’ve had my fun I will spill the beans to him and ask his forgiveness.   If I’ve  made a little money on the side and pay him back what I borrowed from him he won’t be to mad at me for  long.   I am more worried about my boys down here in Victoria at Point Hope finding out I am two-timing them.    I would hate to hurt their feeling as I know how guys can be sensitive when it comes to their manly parts like their strength and looks.  I am sorry to say this but those boys up north seem to be able to carry bigger loads and have more staying power than my boys down south here.  You should see the  current they have to fight against when pulling their loads in those waters.  Well it is a risk I will have to take as  I am just putty in the wake of the new guys.

Shame on you for thinking naughty thoughts of me.  Of course I meant stepping out with tugboats!

It was miserable and damp but at least it was calm.  The reflections in the water danced in front of me.

This tug was across the straight with a huge load fighting against the strongest current I have ever seen. 

Another smaller tug crossed the straight shortly before these guys showed up and he charged across sideways with the racing current pushing against him.   I could feel the power and strength  of his engines as he fought his way across.   There was foam and spray coming up from both ends as he was pushed sideways by the strong tide.   He eventually made his way across but he went away down south and then once out of the current he fought his way  back north and into the harbour.   It was heart thumping to watch.

 Unbelievable load! 

A sad sight on the way home at Ladysmith.   A tug being dismantled in a scrap yard.

I stopped in Cheminus on the way back to see if there was any tugs in around that area.   I cruised along the waterfront in search of some masts down by the water.  I spotted these boys down by the ferry dock.   I saw an open gate, a wharf, several tugs and I headed right for them.   I sailed though the gates and I didn’t pay attention to the “report to office” sign.   I parked, let the dog out and started taking pictures.   I was punch tired from driving so I wasn’t quite with it.  As I jumped out of the van the sun thundered out.    It was the first time I’d seen it in 4 days and the rays landed  right on my tugs.   There I go again all smitten and in love.   Next thing I know I am all over the dock snapping photo’s and then I start hearing voices.   It sounds like it is coming from above me and they are saying something about dog and camera.   Before I know it I am being chased out of there by  some guy who is really pissed off with me.   He couldn’t stay to mad at me as the more he gave me heck the more I apologized.  The more trouble he gave me the more “I am so sorry”  I’d say.   I did feel bad and I was truly sorry.     I should have checked in first with them but I was tired and wasn’t paying my usual attention to details.    I just saw tugs and sunshine and I  lost all rational thought.  Hopefully he will cool off by the time I return to sketch those boys.      

The air around the wharf was drenched in the sweet scent of cedar.   I am not sure where the aroma was coming from but it was intoxicatling to my senses.   It  hung heavenly in the damp air.   

Just as I was being thrown off the property the crew showed up for work.   They looked just like my kind of guys.  I was in love once again.   I am fickle aren’t I? 

I am just going to tidy up some art business and then I’ll hit the road with the dog and the red mountian.   It’s time to step out for for the summer and have some fun.

So until next time,


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One response to “Stepping out in Campbell River

  1. Shelly

    You had me goin’…I thought this was an excerpt from a Harlequin romance novel!

    I love the photos with reflections. And for you to see a tugboat being dismantled…the Tugboat gods are on your shoulder…or driving the Red Mountain…

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