Tugging in Esquimalt Library

By surprise the Esquimalt Library called a couple of days ago and asked me to hang my paintings for the month of June.   It was a tough scramble but I did it.   The paintings are up and look great.

I am thrilled to hang my work in Esquimalt.  It has always been home for me as my parents lived there for more than twenty years.  I left when I was a young girl to go North but I always returned back to my old stomping grounds to visit my folks and friends.

It only seems fitting that my first solo show as an emerging artist should be in Esquimalt.

My Dad worked at Smith’s Cedar mill which is no longer there by the Bay street bridge.  I think this is where the love of the working harbour was instilled in me.

It is amazing that after being gone for most of my life I still have such strong emotion for the Esquimalt harbour and area.  I spend a lot of my sketching time around the base at Work Point.   It’s a perfect spot to catch my tugs at work over at Ogden Point or the Breakwater.  

 Esquimalt is a hidden gem with it waterfront and walkways that most people don’t know about when they visit Victoria.   I can nearly guarantee that I will always catch a tug at work as I walk the dog along Macaulay Point.    

Thanks to the Library Staff for being so enthusiastic about my work.

I hope some of you will get a chance to check it out and don’t forget to do some reading while you are there.   It’s good for you.


PS.   I have another show opening Monday, June 14,  THE GALLERY AT THE MAC, McPherson Playhouse, here in Victoria.   I’ll send you all an invite over the weekend.

Next Saturday,  don’t forget about the huge  Fisgard Lighthouse Celebrations at Fort Rodd Park.  They are expection 10,000 people to come out for it.    I will be there with original paintings plus prints and cards.  I will be under the big tent with the Artist In Motion Group.

I hope to CU there.


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10 responses to “Tugging in Esquimalt Library

  1. Shelly

    Impressive. You’re really getting around, aren’t you?
    I’ll bet your tugs are getting almost as well known as you are!
    Congratulations, Janet…this has been a long time comin’ for you…Well done!

  2. Sarah

    Mom, this is so wonderful!!! I am so proud of you, this is so fitting considering your connection to Esquimalt and to me as this is a special place where all it is happy times with gramma and grampa….its part of you and to have this showing shows you that it was meant to be and your progress as an artist is evidant in the community of your childhood. It is so wonderful and inspiring for you…..love you and keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah for all your wonderful support.   Remember what they say “like mother like daughter” you are very talented too.  I love ya – Janet   website: www.janetetter.com blog:      janetetter.wordpress.com     

  3. Rebecca Kennel

    Wow. This is great! Where did all those paintings come from? Your house must be totally empty!! Anyway, congratulations on this surprise showing.

    • Thanks Rebecca.   Yep, the house is bare.   Now all I have to look at are the unsuccessful and  unfinished paintings.  I am starting a new painting today for the Fisguard Lighthouse Celebrations next weekend.   So far so good just hope I can get it done on time.        – Janet   website: www.janetetter.com blog:      janetetter.wordpress.com     

  4. Tammy

    Wow…all that hard work is finally paying off…everything looks wonderful.I love your paintings….love the colors…so good to see that you have a passion for the things u love…Esquimalt will always be near and dear…I hope to make it to see your paintings this summer if there is anything left by then.Talk to u soon 🙂

    • I hope you can make it out this summer. I’d love for you and Raed to see my work and how far I’ve come the past two years.   Raed’s support helped get me here.   Thanks to the both of you.  Love ya – Janet   website: www.janetetter.com blog:      janetetter.wordpress.com     

  5. Hi Janet,

    Scott at Art Ink told me to look your work up, and am I ever glad I did! Speaks right to the heart of what I wish I could do.

  6. Hi Janet, I love your work. It is very colorful and so west coast. I found your blog through the Artists in Motion website. I’m hoping to become a member soon. Keep up the great work!!

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