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Uchuck III – Sketch 2


No matter how dificult and how much I wanted to pack it in I told myself I had to come home with a sketch.  So for today this is the best I could to do.   Hopefully I’ll get the chance to try again tomorrow and just maybe that fellow will come back and tell me what’s up with the Uchuck.    




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Uchuck III First Sketch

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New news and new boys

Since I am now the feature artist for the Shoaling Waters Review I thought I’d better get out and sketch over at the base.   The review is a new magazine for Esquimalt and the surrounding area.   If you can try to pick up a copy of the May/June issue.   There is one of my paintings on the front cover and a wonderful two page article about me written by Rebecca Kennel (author of the book Bench by Bench).   You can find copies at the coffee shops and in the library.  It’s an informative read and a terrific magazine.   Check it out for yourself.

 Just thought I’d share.

PS  My spirit picked up fast while sketching  on the rocks at the base.   All those chiseled military boys were milling  about where I was buckled down on the bottom edge of cliff being battered by the wind.   I love that rawness guys in their uniforms display.   Their features are wide open like the prairie landscape and I can feel the honesty and  character in their faces.   Boy, I am now itching to get my hands on those guys, (not that.. shame on you)  – I was thinking  drawing or painting  portraits of the boys on the base.

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