Fresh Beginnings

It’s been ages and I have no excuses for not writing.  Over the past year or so I’ve formulated hundreds of blogs in my head but have never followed though with writing them down.    It’s been hounding me …. this desire to express …    with each breath we are given the gift of a new moment to start fresh … so let me begin again….

2014 -04 306 Large e-mail view

First thing this moring through the drizzle I spotted a tug out near the mouth of the harbour.   I couldn’t tell for sure  but  it looked like it had an old steam stack sticking up on its rear end.  I was getting soaked so I decided I couldn’t wait around for it to make up it’s mind so I kept hoofing it along the walkway.

Nothing much was happening until I rounded the corner from under the Blue bridge and spotted the Sea Commander up on blocks.  This  didn’t really come as a big surprise as I’ve noticed it tied up on the dock for nearly a week now waiting it’s turn for in the ship yard.

2014 -04 314 Large e-mail view

John Brix and the Sea Commander, a mightly pair.

2014 -04 330 Large e-mail view

A road control guy directing traffic was watching me clicking away on my camera.

2014 -04 317 Large e-mail view

Lately I’ve been feeling a twitch every time I come across the road construction crews. The bright flourescent colors, orange lights and lots of action … makes me want to get out my paint brush. They might make it to my easel soon …

The traffic control guy yelled out “you just missed the Coast Guard boat ‘Gordon Ried’.   It went under the bridge  about an hour ago” he told me.

I’ve been working on a painting of the coast guard Gordon Ried since last week.  It’s up on my easel right now. Hopefully, I’ll have it done in time for my upcoming show at “Bean Around the World” next month.

2014 -04 416 Large e-mail view

Pushing on I rounded the bend by the Bay Street bridge to hear the grinding of engines from across the water.   Slinking out from behind the rocks by Budget Steel were the Seaspan boys with the chip barge all piled up.

2014 -04 345 Large e-mail view

Cates XX straining forward…

2014 -04 351 Large e-mail view

Foam huffing and puffing as it takes control…flipping a belly roll

2014 -04 353 Large e-mail view

Over the past couple of years I’ve taken so many photo’s of the boys that I am surprised my computer hasn’t blown up.

2014 -04 356 Large e-mail view

Last week I was watching the Foam hook up to the scrap barge over at Budget Steel and I dropped my camera.  Smashed it good and hard on the creosoted wharf.  What do you think my Doc would say if I told her I get the shakes every time I see a tugboat?

2014 -04 359 Large e-mail view

I made my way down to the water’s edge. Low tide, gooey, silty, and smells worse than my kitchen compost.  I am ankle deep in yuk…..Scotty spots me  on the greasy shoreline …. gives me a big wave!  My steps will be lighter for the rest of the day.

2014 -04 374 Large e-mail view

Captain Scotty has been on these waters longer than Victoria’s famous Princess Mary restaurant.

2014 -04 378 Large e-mail view

pushing up to the Bay bridge …..

2014 -04 392 Large e-mail view

Looking tight……

2014 -04 395 Large e-mail view

I think it will fit…..

2014 -04 398 Large e-mail view

going for it…….

2014 -04 399 Large e-mail view

So far so good….

2014 -04 400 Large e-mail view

Piece of cake….

2014 -04 406 Large e-mail view

Oodles of room…..All in a days job for Scotty and the  boys.

2014 -04 412 Large e-mail view

I am truly grateful…. until next time,   Janet

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One response to “Fresh Beginnings

  1. Shelly T.

    New Beginnings…that has a nice ring to it…Glad to see you back blogging!

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