Ledcor Boys

Early this morning I went for a bike ride around the harbour.    On my way home I caught sight of smoke billowing  out of  the stacks of the “Sea Commander”  It’s been up on the blocks for a few weeks now.    Look’s to me like the boys might be getting ready to take off.

2014 -04 846 Large e-mail view

I did a quick sketch it the other day when it was still up on blocks.

img001 (2) Large e-mail view

When I got home I tried to paint.

2014 -04 968 Large e-mail view

When I am in the studio on a nice day I have to keep the blinds pulled down to keep out the light.   Drives me nuts when I know it’s beautiful outside. Through the side windows I could see that there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.   Birds were chirping and jumping about on the outside window ledge.  Little bundles of twigs were sticking out of their beaks.    By about 3 pm I couldn’t take it any more and went for a walk.

It only took about 15 minutes to run into the Ledcor boys heading towards the empty gravel barge by the Bay street bridge.

Storm Bandit… a great name. Cheeky but strong.

2014 -04 853 Large e-mail view

Following up was the Storm Spray – used to be yellow and red in its past life.   The name brings up frothy  images of my wild ride down the Westcoast of the Island on the historic MV Uchuck III a few years back.

2014 -04 867 Large e-mail view

2014 -04 863 Large e-mail view

2014 -04 864 Large e-mail view

Bandit hitches up to the bow and the Spray noses up to the stern of the barge. Then together they swing the whole she-bang in a counterclockwise circle.

2014 -04 869 Large e-mail view

Deckhands getting ready to clamor abroad with there gapple’s  to unhook the lines

2014 -04 872 Large e-mail view


2014 -04 873 Large e-mail view

2014 -04 893 Large e-mail view

The Spray nudges the stern  while the Bandit yanks around the bow.

2014 -04 898 Large e-mail view

It’s a challengeing swing  to get tugs and barge  pointing towards the Johnston Street bridge (blue bridge).  The Bandit is so close to the dock I am standing on I can nearly reach out and grab myself a deckhand.

2014 -04 913 Large e-mail view

Not a bad view from up here…

2014 -04 916 Large e-mail view

Still shuffling the swing….

2014 -04 918 Large e-mail view

Nearly there….

2014 -04 927 Large e-mail view

better be on time…otherwise the bridge guy won’t be happy… ..  testy commuter’s put up a fuss if the bridge is lifted after 4 pm.

2014 -04 930 Large e-mail view

2014 -04 932 Large e-mail view

Just a little closer please……..I’ll jump any second now.

2014 -04 939 Large e-mail view

No sweat, piece of cake!

2014 -04 944 Large e-mail view

2014 -04 951 Large e-mail view

Bridge is waiting..here we come..the bridge lifter fellow will be smiling.

2014 -04 957 Large e-mail view

Right on time. There will be lots of grins and finger-pointing from looky lou’s waiting on the bridge deck and shoreline.

2014 -04 960 Large e-mail view

Off they go out of the harbour wherever gravel barge’s must go.   I couldn’t help myself but to run to the other side of the harbour to get one last shot.

2014 -04 966 Large e-mail view

The rest of my walk home was on much lighter footsteps.   Cheers for now,



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